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Saturday, February 12, 2005

EASONGATE UPDATE: Will Jordan Now Lead an Anti-Blogosphere Offensive?

Let's be clear about the resignation of CNN's chief news executive, Eason Jordan - he did not submit his resignation with either an admission that he made an outrageous claim for which he had no evidence or a declaration that what he said is true. He quit to avoid further controversy and additional tarnishing of CNN's already shredded reputation and credibility. Let's also be clear about Jordan's view of who is responsible for the controversy - it's the Blogosphere's fault.

Click on the headline above this posting and read The Word Unheard's excellent dissection of Jordan's statement. What it reveals about Jordan's attitude will probably make you want to regurgitate but read it anyway. Also, thanks to Lorie Byrd for pointing out that among Jordan's MSM credentials are a prestigious Freedom of Information Act Award. Which brings up my basic point about Jordan's flaming downfall.

Eason Jordan grew up in the MSM at CNN. He is a product of that media organization's culture and consciousness. He is admired and respected throughout the MSM and has become one of the exemplars of its place in the American and indeed worldwide public policy community. Thus, it is likely that he is far from being alone in the middle and top leadership rungs of the MSM in holding to the view of the U.S. military as a mortal threat to journalists.

In fact, one suspects that in his heart of hearts Jordan and many of his MSM colleagues probably believe a lot of hateful Bromides of the Left that have just as little connection with reality. Understanding how widespread this warped frame of reference is in the MSM goes far in explaining how the MSM is so totally out of touch with most Americans.

Finally, Jordan is leaving CNN but that is far from the end of this flap. Once he is freed of CNN's corporate shackles, don't be surprised to see Jordan making the rounds of the MSM martyrdom circuit. You can easily imagine Katie Couric's first question.

Look also for a new MSM offensive against the Blogosphere, led by Jordan. He laid the ground work for such an assault with his resignation statement and may see such an offensive -centered around the claim that blogs are untrustworthy because they publish "conflicting accounts" - as his tool for shifting the focus of the debate away from what he allegedly said.

This could get bloody, folks.