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Friday, February 25, 2005

GRASSROOTS GOVERNMENT: Only 4 Congressmen Blog ... But It's a Start!

Representatives Mike Pence of Indiana, Katharine Harris of Florida and Mark Kirk of Illinois - GOPers all - are the only Members of the U.S. House of Representatives with official blogs for their offices. Over in the U.S. Senate, Vermont's Patrick Leahy, a Democrat, has the senior body's sole official blog.

Four down and 531 to go, right!

Check out Patrick Ruffini's "Congressional Blogging: A Guide," which includes a superb analysis of the benefits likely to accrue to every Member of Congress who takes the leap into blogging. Ruffini also provides excellent responses to the familiar excuses and reservations so often heard from public officials at all levels of government when considering the prospect of blogging.

UPDATE: Duh! MediaSoul.com proprietor Stacy Harp asked the obvious question - why didn't I provide links to the four congressional blogs. So here they are: For Rep. Mike Pence, go here, for Rep. Katharine Harris, go here, for Rep. Mark Kirk go here and for Sen. Patrick Leahy go here. Actually, there is no reference to a blog that I could find on Sen. Leahy's homepage, but the "More From the Floor" link appears to be a blog. If somebody knows a better link, please let me know and I will correct this post ASAP.