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Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm Off to the National Religious Broadcasters' National Convention Monday Through Wednesday in Anaheim

It's a looonnnng way from Baltimore's BWI airport to John Wayne in Anaheim, CA, but that's my itinerary today, via Cinncinnati. Purpose of the trip is to participate on an NRB panel tomorrow afternoon to discuss the disturbing prospect for the return of the tFCC's Fairness Doctrine and much else connected with the nation's chief airwave regulator. Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center will also be on the panel, as will FCC Commissioners Martin and Copps.

The NRB national convention includes a week's worth of panels, banquets, seminars and presentations on a multitude of First Amendment and other freedom of expression issues, so if time permits I will live-blog a session or two. Keep an eye on this space, especially Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Also on Wednesday, I am going to meet and lunch with a group of Southern California Godbloggers, including MediaSoul's Stacy Harp, who is also the proprietor of eInvolved.com, which tracks lots of faith and free expression issues from a Christian perspective. It's going to be a fascinating week, folks.