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Monday, February 14, 2005

The National Debate Explains What's in a Name

Lefty bloggers went nuts last week when it was revealed that "Jeff Gannon," the Talon News White House correspondent, was actually "James Guckert" of whatever. Guckert's use of a psuedonym became a kind of symbol for Daily Kos and others on the Left of the Bush administration's alleged deceptiveness.

Well, now along comes Robert Cox, proprietor of The National Debate blog and the inspiration behind the Media Bloggers Association, with the definitive treatment of the prominence of fake names in the news media, the entertainment world and politics and government. For example, I'll bet you have no idea who is George Schwartz:

"Many on the left, and in the MSM, have done their Inspector Renault impersonation and profess to be "shocked" that a journalist would publish under a pseudonym.
"The irony here runs thick.
"The lead attack dog on "GannonGate" has been David Brock of Media Matters for America. This is the same David Brock, self-proclaimed member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, who served as attack dog on various Clinton-era scandals including "TrooperGate" and now works for uber-lefty and world famous financier George Schwartz.
"Never heard of him? Perhaps you know him better by his "fake name" - George Soros.
"Entertainers have long changed their names for a variety of reasons. Some have sought to de-ethnicize their names: Allen Konigsberg became Woody Allen, Alphonso D'Abruzzo became Alan Alda, Jacob Cohen became Rodney Dangerfield and Bob Zimmerman became Bob Dylan. Some sought to glamorize their name including Frances Ethel Gumm (Judy Garland), James Bumgarner (James Garner) and Marion Morrison (John Wayne). Lawrence Tureaud, Cherilyn LaPierre, Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza, and Paul Hewson all opted for just one name: Mr. T, Cher, Charo and Bono respectively. Thomas Mapother, Todd Jones, Demetria Guynes and Jo Tejada have found success as Tom Cruise, James Earl Jones, Demi Moore and Raquel Welch."

I knew the use of nom de plumes was widespread in these worlds, but I had no idea it was so extensive. One has to wonder if perhaps the last word has not yet been written on "Gannongate." Click on the headlne above to get the full story from The National Debate.