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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Peggy Noonan Really Gets It on the Blogosphere! Captain's Quarters Says She Ought To Be Bloggers' Prose Laureate

Former Reagan speechwriter, crafter of wonderfully written books and columns on public policy issues and all-around great-hearted person Peggy Noonan has a tremendous column in today's issue of The Wall Street Journal that you must read. Normally I would give you a couple of sample quotes to entice you to click over, but I don't want to delay your getting there any more than necessary. Just click on the headline above this posting and enjoy. This is the best op-ed I've read anywhere on why the Blogosphere fulfills the same public service functions as the MSM, only often far better.

UPDATE: Captain's Quarters is nominating Noonan for the Blogosphere's "Prose Laureate." I enthusiastically second that nomination! And as always the Captain's analysis of Noonan's WSJ op-ed on bloggers and the MSM is rich with insight.