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Thursday, March 03, 2005


UPDATE: That Washington Post piece yesterday reporting Frist's waving the white flag on Social Security reform let loose a torrent of activity, starting with the Senate Majority Leader's spokesman denying that he was declaring the President's reform proposals dead.

To the contrary, said Frist aide Bob Stevenson, his boss wants reform "done this year" and he can't "imagine a successful plan without personal savings accounts," according to the Post.The White House then announced that President Bush will lead a campaign to build public support for Social Security reform that will hit 60 cities in the next 60 days, starting today with Treasury Secretary John Snow speaking in Arkansas.

Tim Chapman of "From the Bleachers" has a super summary of the state of play here.

Here's my prediction: Unless the Bush whirlwind succeeds in generating an onslaught of positive feedback to reassure the Nervous Nellies of the GOP in Congress, all that will be accomplished is the president will be able to say he tried his best but Congress is the culprit ... or the White House will pursue the same strategy that produced the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001 with cheers from a smiling Teddy Kennedy - cave on all the significant issues to get something, anything, passed that can be remotely called "Social Security reform." You read it here first!