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Friday, June 24, 2005

Chrenkoff Has What Karl Rover Should Have Said

Folks at the White House ought to give Arthur Chrenkoff a call. Here's his take on the current Karl Rove contretemps (for liberals, that is):

"While guilty of making broad - and thus inaccurate - generalization, Rove is correct to point out that all too many liberals, from John Kerry down, insisted that the war on terror should not be a war but a law enforcement operation.
"And all too many leftists (they're not really liberals, but since the mainstream media insists on calling every socialist a liberal, you can hardly blame Rove for using the commonly accepted Beltway terminology) chose to blame America first."

Read it all here.

And don't miss Patrick Ruffini's observation that with liberals their response to criticism often tells us more than the criticism itself.