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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are, Linda Foley (From Behind Journo Guild Flak Andy Zipser)

You remember Linda Foley, president of the Newspaper Guild union for journalists, who several weeks ago repeated former CNN executive Eason Jordan's ridiculous claim that journalists are being purposely targeted by the U.S. military in the Global War on Terrorism. Actually, you may have forgotten Foley amid the hub-bub of the Michael Jackson acquittal, Natalee Holloway's disapearance in Aruba, Dick Durbin's self-destruction and so on.

Guild member Hiawatha Bray hasn't forgotten Foley. In fact, he recently ran against her for head of the union, but lost decisively. Now that her re-election has been secured, Foley is slowly, slowly inching back into the public discussion. More precisely, she's put a union's flak's toe in the water on her behalf. Bray has the details here.

And don't miss Michelle Malkin's take on flak Zipser's observations on why the problem isn't that journalist Foley repeated a malicious, unfounded lie about U.S. soldiers but that "right-wing attack dogs savaged" Foley for her statement. With people like this speaking for journalism, it's a wonder our public credibility rating is still in double digits (still below those of congressmen and used car salesmen) rather than nearing zero.

Foley comes out, sort of.

Media Slander thinks its many Newspaper Guild visitors may provide a hint of why Foley came out, sort of. Think b-a-c-k-l-a-s-h.