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Monday, October 10, 2005

Bombs in Plastic Bottles Found at Georgia Tech

A janitor was injured earlier today when he picked up a trash bag that contained three bombs in plastic bottles. The trash bag was between in a courtyard between two Georgia Tech dormitories, according to Atlanta's 11Alive.com.

"It is a terrorist act at this point and depending on the outcome of the investigation it potentially could become a federal violation as well," said Major C.W. Moss of the Atlanta Police Department, 11Alive.com reported.

Moss said "a joint investigation between the Atlanta Police Department, the Georgia Tech Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force" has begun. "Every possible lead will be followed," he said, according to 11Alive.com.

There were no details about the plastic bottles containing the explosives, but federal authorities investigating the Oct. 1 explosion that killed University of Oklahoma engineering student Joel Henry Hinrichs just outside Oklahoma Memorial Staduim during the Oct. 1 football game between OU and Kansas State found 13 plastic bottles in Hinrichs' car. The bottles in Hinrichs car were first reported here on Tapscott's Copy Desk.

Officials also found other bomb-making materials in Hinrichs' apartment, which he shared with a Pakastani student and several other young men described by neighbors as being of Middle East appearance.

HT: Drudge Report for the Ga. Tech report.


As always, Michelle Malkin is running the comprehensive updates here. She links to Professor Stephen Bainbridge, who points out an explosive device was found Friday at UCLA.