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Thursday, October 13, 2005

OU SUICIDE BOMBER: Who Is Tariq Alzoubi?

From Freeper Michelle's blog, On Politics and Other Random Thoughts:

This is the student who commented in several articles regarding Hinrichs' roommate Fazal M. Cheema.
I have discovered that Tariq is an opinion column writer at the University of Oklahoma. His column appears every other Wednesday. Hardly what I would call an "objective" voice in all of this. I suspect he is the writer of this column which must contain a "spin alert".
Tariq is also listed as the contact for the Arab Student Association at OU.Read Tariq Alzoubi's editorial (originally printed in the OK Daily (OU) Newspaper). It has been posted on the "Friends of Al-Jazeera" website. "Considering Al-Jazeera: Objectivity and controversy".Also of interest is a Letter to the Editor of the Arab Times in which he mentions being "pushed around by the West". This letter was apparently sent on Sept. 15, 2005.
Most interesting, is this OU student webpage found on the OU system. It is an overview of political unrest in the Middle East. At the bottom "composer" credit goes to the following people; Tariq Alzoubi, Aaron Harner, Matt Sexauer, Adam Envoldson, Zak Abbott, and MOHAMED JIHAD!?!? Interesting indeed...

Go here for On Politics ... comprehensive summary of the OU Suicide Bomber story.