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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rove, Plame and EA?

Do you know what the "EA" reference is about?

"This is, I think, a perversion of the law's intent. The EA was clearly meant to serve the purpose as a law against espionage for a foreign power. Moreover, in 1917, Congress considered an anti-leaking statute to accompany the EA, and specifically rejected it because of First Amendment concerns."

Go here and read Dale Franks' explanation of the Left's newest strategy for throwing Karl Rove in jail. The day is coming when journalists, bloggers and a lot of other people who depend upon the First Amendment will rue the day the MSM geniuses first demanded an investigation of the leak regarding Valerie Plame's CIA work.

After you've read the Franks piece, go to this NPR report on the Patrick Fitzgerald clash with Judith Miller before Plamegate. I've said from the beginning it appeared the Special Prosecutor was using Plamegate for leverage on something else.