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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Let the United Nations Govern the Internet?

After successfully managing the crises in Rwanda, Iraq, Bosnia, Iran and elsewhere, Kofi Anan and the rest of the leadership of the United Nations are now ready to apply their proven ability to generate peace and prosperity to the Internet.

If the thought of Kofi Anan running the Internet scares you, Nov. 17 is a day to mark on your calendar, whether you are in or near Washington, D.C. or on the other side of the globe. That's the day Sen. Norman Coleman, R-MN, and Rep. John Doolittle, R-CA, will speak at The Heritage Foundation on why UN direction of the Internet is one of the worst possible ideas ever.

Joining Coleman - who has been the main force behind exposure of the UN's Oil for Food scandal - and Doolittle will be Adam Thierer, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Digital Media Freedom at the Progress and Freedom Foundation, and John Tkacik, Senior Research Fellow in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation.

The event is scheduled for Nov. 17 because an international conference in Tunisa will convene Nov. 16-18 where the issue of who manages the Internet will be front and center. Expect fireworks. What Coleman, Doolittle, Thierer and Tkacik have to say could shape what happens, or doesn't happen, at Tunisa.

If you are unable to attend this important event in person, you can tune in via Heritage's live webcast. To RSVP for the event or for more information about the live webcast, go here.