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Monday, November 14, 2005

They Still Don't Get it!

Beltway Blogroll's Danny Glover has links to conference reports and much else illustrating the appropriations bills now coming out of the House of Representatives are still chock full of "earkmarks," spending increases and other evidence of arrogance, political deafness or both.

The Agriculture Appropriations bill is full of pork, Glover notes, then adds:

"The same is true of the conference report for the Commerce, Justice and State departments. The earmarks for that measure are so abundant that the House Rules Committee has divided some of them into handy, topical charts for: Edward Byrne discretionary grants, methamphetamine and enforcement grants, law enforcement technology grants, juvenile justice grants, and ocean service grants.

"The conference report to the energy and water bill, meanwhile, is rife with the kinds of Army Corps of Engineers earmarks that some experts say could have gone to more worthy projects, like bolstering levees around New Orleans."

Well, at least they are making it a little easier to find the bad stuff.