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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bush Announces New FEC Appointments (And Krempasky Says It's Good News!)

Incumbent FEC commissioner Dave Mason will be re-appointed by the White House and the slate of additional nominees includes several who are thought to be opposed to proposals to regulate political speech on the Internet.

Go here for the White House announcement. Go here for Mike Krempasky's assessment of each of the candidates and what it all means for the campaign to protect freedom of speech on the Internet from campaign finance regulation. Go here for the early assessment of the always brilliant Allison Hayward AKA Sceptic's Eye.

My first question in reaction to this excellent slate of nominees is to wonder if it reflects a new-found desire at the White House to repair some breaches with its conservative base by strengthening the pro-First Amendment forces on the FEC?

And my second question is to wonder if there is a connection between this decision and the same day decision to reach an agreement with Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, on his anti-tortue amendment.

Just wondering.