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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pajamas Media Making Some Blogosphere History Today with Iraq Election Coverage

Odds are good that the most comprehensive coverage of the Iraq elections will be found on Pajamas Media. PJM has bloggers all over the place covering the election and, as Hugh Hewitt notes this morning, this coverage should be a topic of significant attention tomorrow in the mainstream media. But I'm not holding breath.

I've watched the developments over at PJM with great interest (though I've never been approached by them because, I assume, Tapscott's Copy Desk isn't a top 100 blog in readership). My interest in its success lies in my belief that a key to the Blogosphere's development is its development of new media organizational forms that replace the beat structure of the mainstream media.

PJM is one approach to that development and might even be in the process of creating a model for the future. Time will tell on that issue. Whatever happens with PJM tomorrow (and I hope it succeeds), today it is the place to watch one of the most important elections in the history of human freedom.