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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who Will Save Abdul Rahman From Those Seeking to "Cut Him Into Little Pieces" for His Christian Faith?

Abdul Rahman came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior 16 years ago and converted from the Muslim faith of his youth growing up in Afghanistan and that remains the faith of his family, friends and nation. As a result, he lost his family, his children and standing in his community.

Now, he may also soon lose his life for his faith in Jesus because it is a crime under the Muslim law of Sharia to profess anything other than the Islamic religion. Muslims claim their religion is one of peace, but the fact is that it is a capital crime to be a Christian in a nation subjected to Sharia.

That is why one of Rahman's fellow Afghans recently told the media that "we will cut him into little pieces."

Michelle Malkin is following this story with her usual intensity and has lots of links here, here and here. Also, don't miss LaShawn Barber on the Bible and the story of Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

It is true that the Church has grown most intensely from ground watered with the blood of martyrs, especially during the Roman persecutions and during the Reformation, as detailed in John Foxe's classic "Book of Martyrs."

Bloggers like Malkin and Barber have been all over this story, but President Bush said nothing about Rahman during his news conference this morning. But then none of the mainstream media reporters there asked him about it, either.

Where is Bush? Where are the the mainstream media? Where are the men and women of faith in Congress? Where is Secretary of State Rice?

Where are the "moderates" of the Muslim world and their allies in the West who tell us over and over that Islam is a religion of peace? Where is CAIR? Where are the Saudis who claim no one is persecuted for their beliefs in that Wahabbist haven?

Where are Hollywood and the Glitterati? Where are Barbara Streisand? Where is Cindy Sheehan? George Clooney? Sean Penn? All the rest of the intellectual elite of the entertainment world who think it their inherent right to instruct the rest of us on the virtues of tolerating everything from porn to persecution? Everything except the simple faith of one Christian man standing by himself in a Muslim nation.

lWhere are Barry Lynn and Americans United for Separation of Church and State? Where are the leaders of the liberal mainline Protestant Denominations and the National Council of Churches?

The silence of these people is truly deafening.

And where are the Evangelical and Fundamentalist leaders challenging their flocks to candlelight vigils, protests and prayers on behalf of Rahman? Will America's Christians stand by like Saul of Tarsus to hold the coats of those slaughtering this brave man of Afghanistan?

Powerline's John Hinderacker also points to another, larger point about this controversy that ought to strike a particular chord in the heart of our President:

"This is, I think, a watershed moment. The American people will bear a great deal of sacrifice, but only on behalf of principle. If, after our liberation of Afghanistan, a man may still be executed for being a Christian - or a Jew, although to my knowledge that case hasn't arisen -there is no logical basis on which our government can continue to request the ultimate sacrifice from its most devoted supporters."

UPDATE: Superb NRO Editorial

The happy crowd at NRO comes up with a doozy that says it all, especially the concluding sentence. Go here. Then cheer.