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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Surgery Went Well Yesterday, But There Was One Unexpected Result - I'm Still a Temporary Left-Winger

Everything was fine yesterday. Sinai Hospital in Baltimore seems to run quite efficiently and I received great care, especially from nurses Joy Williams, Keith Jackson and Margret Hernandez. Also from my anesthesiologist, a lovely petite mother of two, who explained everything she was doing in much-appreciated professional detail and with good humor to boot.

Dr. Emery Kim, my orthopaedic surgeon, good naturedly put up with my barrage of pre-op questions about how relaxed he was, whether he'd gotten a good night's rest, had he read the tendon operation How-To Book, etc. etc.

He also made sure Claudia, my sweet wife, and Marcus, my exceptionally smart and handsome son, got a full post-op update. Ginny, my gorgeous and immensely talented daughter, would have been there as well but for her finals preparation at the University of Mary Washington.

Despite being a bit groggy and in some pain, I was home by 10:00 p.m. last night, thanks to the insurance company bureaucrats who declared the operation an out-patient procedure. I thought doctors were supposed to make such decisions?

Anyway, there was one unexpected wrinkle in the event because I am typing this post with only my left hand, there being a rather large, cumbersome and stiff brace/wrap preventing movement of my right arm. Looks like I will have this thing for a week, then get the hinged brace I mistakenly thought I would have immediately after the operation.

But I am not complaining. To the contrary, I praise the Lord for all the blessings I received yesterday, including the skill and committment of Dr. Kim and the great help of the folks at Sinai noted above.

Now comes the hard part --- recovery!

Also, thanks to fellow bloggers who offered kind words, good wishes and the blessing of prayer.