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Monday, November 27, 2006

ProfBainbridge.com Unveils Redesigned and Much Expanded Site as Portal to a Blog Magazine

Prof. Stephen Bainbridge of UCLA is among the most widely read law profs due in no small part to the fact he covers a wide variety of topics ranging from business and law issues to politics, wine and cars. He's also a member of The Examiner Blog Board of Contributors.

Bainbridge has now unveiled a massive redesign of his blog, but the overhaul is not simply to how profbainbridge.com looks. Bainbridge has changed the underlying concept of how he uses his blog. It is now actually a portal to a blog-based online magazine divided into three distinct sections, or blogs.

ProfBainbridge.com is now "the front page of a blog magazine in three sections." His Prof Bainbridge's Journal, for example, is where he covers politics, cars, non-business law, political incorrectness, dogs or whatever else strikes his fancy. Check out this post on a new study that indicates those sky-high CEO compensation packages may also result in higher pay for the folks back down the management line.

His Prof. Bainbridge's Business Associations Blog is where you will find his scholarly work, as well as posts concerning the work of others in business law that he finds worthy of comment. Check out this post on investor activism in, of all places, China.

The third section is Prof. Bainbridge on Wine. You will find much more than the results of the UCLA prof's most recent wine-tasting tour. Betcha didn't know there were First Amendment issues involved here. Check this out.

Congratulations to the good professor and let it be noted here that I expect ProfBainbridge.com could quite possibly be followed by a bunch of smart bloggers intent on directing the highest form of flattery in his direction.