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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tapscott's Copy Desk Has Moved to Examiner.com!

Tapscott's Copy Desk bowed in the Blogosphere to somewhat less than unanimous and thundering acclaim Nov. 16, 2004. Many posts later, what might be called the "Blogger phase" of Tapscott's Copy Desk - because I've stayed with the Google program despite much frustration - ends tomorrow, Dec. 4, 2006, with a move to Examiner.com.

Go here to see the new digs.

Examiner.com is the web site of Clarity Media, which publishes The Washington Examiner where I toil happily as editorial page editor, as well as editions in Baltimore and San Francisco. More editions will be coming online in various cities across the nation in years to come.

The three hard-copy editions collectively reach more than a million readers six days a week, while Examiner.com is drawing more than a million visitors a month. Numbers like those should make it clear why I am so enthusiastic about moving from an independent blog to a publishing platform with vastly more circulation and immense potential for awesome growth.

This original incarnation of Tapscott's Copy Desk will remain here as an archive. Thank you so much to everybody who has spent time at this site, posted comments, emailed suggestions or otherwise contributed to the modest success I enjoyed with this humble site.

See ya at Examiner.com.

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Most Important and Impressive Fifth Blogiversary

No, not for Tapscott's Copy Desk but for Bill Hobbs of Tennessee who has a great story because he's one of the earlier Right bloggers. And still one of the best. Here's how he describes it:

Fifth Blogiversary

It passed yesterday without me noting it here on the blog, but yesterday is the fifth anniversary of my blog's creation. I first posted these two items on Nov. 30, 2001, at my blog's original website. The blog was created as a way to provide additional material for readers of my weekly column that I was writing for the Nashville City Paper. (You can see a full list of links to all my NCP columns here.) I moved the blog to this site on January 1, 2004. Since then, according to SiteMeter, it has been visited more than 1.46 million times. According to AwStats, my blog gets about 22,000 unique visitors per month. If half of them dropped a dollar in the tip jar once a month, I could do this full time...

And now, on to year six.